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John Smith

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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2017 9:21 am    Post subject: What are the best diamond proportions Reply with quote

Do you know the proportions decides the diamond Cut? Yes! When looking at the diamond you amazing about the sparkling and the minute cuts, and how they design the diamond like that. The proportion of the diamond is important to make the perfect Diamond Cut. But what is the ideal cut diamond proportions? Here is the answer for your questions.

The diamond with the ideal proportions reflects the excellent light when placing in front of the light. An excellent diamond cut should have the extra sparkling, scintillation and brilliance. Even if the diamond has good 4Cs property, without the proportions the diamond will lose its life and will look dull.

To be elaborate it, A perfect round cut should have Table size from 54%-57% , Pavilion Angle-40.65-41%, Crown Angle-34%-35% and 61%-62.5% depth.

An ideal cut diamond proportions refers to the parameters such as angles and length of facets. The facets of the diamond will reflect the light in multi angles. Normally the measurements such as pavillion depth, height and table sizes are noted 0% which is relative to the overall diameter of a diamond.

The perfect diamond cut returns the light color to viewer's eyes. Small changes in diamond proportion will cause the big change in sparkling. The certified laboratories such as GIA and AGS found the different proportions for excellent sparkling after a long and deep research on diamond proportions. The term brilliance refers to the amount of white light reflected from the diamond.

The ideal cut diamond proportions are depends based on the crown angle and pavilion angles. To summarize this, According to the Tolkowsky (Gemmologist who proposed ideal cut thesis) A round diamond should have the 58 facets brilliant cut. The depth and table size should be 59% and 53% respectively. Similarly, the Crown height and Pavilion depth should be 16% and 43% respectively. This is the effective measurements to choose the ideal cut of a diamond.
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