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The economic values of both inputs and outputs may differ from their financial values because of market distortions created by either the government or the private sector. Tariffs Cheap Jerseys , export taxes and subsidies, excise and sales taxes, production subsidies, and quantitative restrictions are common distortions created by governments. Monopolies are a market phenomenon that can be created by either private or public sector actions. Some market distortions are created by the nature of the good or service. The value of society of common public services such as clean water, transportation, road services, and electricity Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Shop Online , are often significantly greater than the financial prices people pay for them. The differences between financial and economic prices are rents that accrue to some group in the society and convey important information about the distribution of costs and benefits.

Price Restrictions

Price restrictions succeed in generating a broad consensus among the different countries, although particular countries’ practices do differ somewhat. All countries are very suspicious of restrictions that aim to limit the franchisees’ freedom to choose their own price, and it is difficult to find another topic where there is such unanimity. Resale price maintenance is virtually always unlawful. Only more limited restrictions – such as the use of recommended prices – are tolerated and even then sometimes only in exceptional circumstances such as promotional campaigns for the introduction of new products.

Quantity Restrictions

The effect of a particular quantity restriction depends on how it is applied. There are two ways to impose quantity restrictions. First, a quantity restriction can be imposed at the level of a firm such that the firm as a unit can only sell up to a maximum of the quantity allowed under the quota. This has been known to occur both in planned and market economies. Quantity restrictions of this kind can be called “firm specific” quota. The second kind of quota occurs when a quantity restriction is imposed on a group of firms in a market or upon an importingexporting country.

Price Ceilings - Maximum Prices

A government price control that sets the maximum allowable price for a good. In general there are two broad types of government price controls. Controls can stipulate a price ceiling, or a maximum price at which a good can be bought and sold. Some cities in the United States have price controls on rental apartments. Landlords are not permitted to change a rent higher than the maximum stipulated by the rent control law in these cities. Price ceilings are imposed by governments because of complaints that the market price is too high. The purpose is to help the consumers who must pay the prices. However, as we will see, price controls have harmful side effects that can end up hurting those consumers the law is apparently trying to help.

Minimum Price Perspective

Government price controls can also stipulate a price floor Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap Online , or a minimum price. Price floors are imposed by governments in order to help the suppliers of goods and services. For example, the U.S. government requires that the price of sugar not fall below a certain amount in the United States. In the labor market, the U.S. government requires that firms pay workers a wage of at least a given level, called the minimum wage. Pocket video cameras have become very popular these days, especially among young people. The most important players is the Flip video series, however, other competitor are now really catching up Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap Shop , especially the Kodak video cameras, including Kodak Zi8, Kodak Playsport and Kodak Mini video camera and so on. Kodak video cameras already do a better job in quite some aspects than the flip camcorders. A lot Kodak camera users are facing the issue of how to convert Kodak video and edit Kodak video. Doremisoft Kodak Video Converter provides the perfect solution to Kodak video conversion and easy Kodak video editing.

With Doremisoft Kodak Video Converter, you can easily convert Kodak video to iPhone, convert Kodak video to WMV etc. and give easy editing to your Kodak videos. The steps below will guide you on how to convert Kodak video and edit Kodak video:

With Doremisoft Kodak video converter, you can easily get the best out of your Kodak video cameras, including Kodak Zi8 and Kodak Playsport and so on Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap China , and share your favorite Kodak videos in all sorts of video formats, mobile player and on the web.

Step 1: Add Kodak Video
Click the ?Add File? button on the top left to locate the Kodak video files you want to convert and add them to Doremisoft Kodak Video Converter.

Step 2: Select an output format to convert Kodak video
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Tip 1: If you want to convert all added files into one format, you can just select the format for any added Kodak video, and check the ?Apply to all? option on the lower part of the screen. Tip 2: If you want to join a few Kodak video files into a single file Wholesale Soccer Jerseys China Online , select the files using ?Ctrl? and ?Shift? key, and tick the ?Merge into one file? option.
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