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The Web Site


We have designed the Gothic Ivories web site around two key pages:

  • The Home Page
  • The Image Page

Every different kind of content and all of the features and functions of the site are represented on one or other of these two pages.

On every page you will also find the three standard toolbars: the top toolbar, the lower top toolbar and the bottom toolbar.

  • The top toolbar gives access to features which are primarily intended for registered users and is dimmed when you are not logged in; but all users can click the links and read more about site features and functions.
  • The lower top toolbar contains the basic tools (Quicksearch, Browse and Folder) for finding and keeping track of images.
  • The bottom toolbar contains links to self-contained areas of the site and information pages.

To find out more, hit the Back button in your browser and follow the links from the main How to... page.


Browse Pages: a set of lists of names, places and keywords, arranged alphabetically or hierarchically, which you can use to find pictures on the site.

Folder: a place where you can temporarily store images you have found whilst searching or browsing so that you can easily return to them; the Folder is emptied when you leave the Gothic Ivories web site.

History: for registered users only, a list of the last hundred places on the site you have visited.

Home Page: where you start from, accessed by clicking on the Gothic Ivories logo at top left or the Home link at bottom right.

Image Page: a page of information, links and useful features based around a single picture.

Results Page: whenever any browse or search or link takes you to more than one image, you will be taken to the Results Page, with those images listed.

Image Sets: collections of images created by registered users; Sets can be either Private (only visible to the person who created them) or Public (visible to everyone). Sets are a more permanent version of the folders.

Last updated: 22 June 2015.

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Please remember to acknowledge any use of the site in publications and lectures as: 'Gothic Ivories Project at The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, www.gothicivories.courtauld.ac.uk', followed by the date you accessed the site.