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About Us

Who we are

Project Director: Prof. John Lowden

After studying English as an undergraduate at Cambridge, John Lowden took the MA (1977) and PhD (1980) at the Courtauld. He had a temporary appointment in art history at St Andrews, before joining the staff of the Courtauld in 1982. He is active nationally and internationally as a member of scientific committees, advisory boards, and as a supervisor of doctoral research. As director of the Research Centre for Illuminated Manuscripts he seeks to facilitate and forward research in relevant areas. The Making of the Bibles Moralisées, was awarded the 2002 Gruendler Prize for the best book in medieval studies. His Early Christian and Byzantine Art (now in its fourth impression) has been translated into French, Greek, Japanese and Korean. He has been a British Academy/ Leverhulme Senior Research Fellow (1992-93), and he gave the Grinfield Lectures in the University of Oxford (1996-98). He was co-investigator with Dr Scot McKendrick (British Library) on the AHRC-funded ‘ROYAL’ project (2008-2011) which resulted in the major exhibition 'Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination' (The British Library, November 2011-March 2012).

For a list of recent publications, see HERE.

Project Manager 2008-2015: Dr Catherine Yvard

Catherine Yvard completed a degree in sociology and political science in France before turning to art history at Trinity College, Dublin where she completed a PhD in 2005, focusing on a late 15th-century French book of hours (Dublin, Chester Beatty Library, ms. 89) and including a Catalogue of Manuscript Books of Hours in Irish Public Libraries, yet to be published. She has worked on digitisation projects at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, the Bodleian Library in Oxford and the British Library in London, cataloguing medieval illuminated manuscripts. She has taught courses on illuminated manuscripts in the Middle Ages at Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Morley College, London and at the Courtauld Institute of Art (Summer School 2009-2011). She now works as Research Fellow on the insular Gospel Books Project at Trinity College Dublin (2015-2016).
She specialises in the study of late-medieval Books of Hours and of ivories in the Gothic period. She is particularly interested in the transition from manuscript to printed, and the transmission of patterns through time and space, and between different media.

'Death iIlluminated: Representation of Mortality in Books of Hours', in The Irish Arts Review 18 (2002).
'The Glenstal Prayer Book', in Art and Devotion in Medieval Ireland (Dublin, 2006), pp. 98-120.
'Un livre d'heures inédit à la Chester Beatty Library de Dublin', in Art de l'enluminure 19 (Dec. 2006-Feb. 2007), pp. 2-65.
'Entre France et Italie: Les Heures Hamilton Field de la Chester Beatty Library à Dublin', in Art de l'enluminure 36 (March-May 2011), pp. 2-41.
'The Metamorphoses of a Late Fifteenth-Century Psalter (Harl. MS. 1892)', in Electronic British Library Journal (November 2011). Accessible online HERE.
'Un Napolitain à Tours: un incunable enluminé par le Maître de Jean Charpentier', in L'Enluminure. Etudes réunies en hommage à Patricia Stirnemann, éd. Claudia Rabel (Paris: Editions du Léopard d'or, 2014).
'The Gothic Ivories Project at the Courtauld Institute', in The Sculpture Journal (Spring 2014), pp. 98-100.
'La sculpture sur ivoire à Paris à l’époque gothique’, in Textes et documents pour la classe (June 2015).

Project Assistant 2013-2014: Matilde Grimaldi

Matilde Grimaldi is currently a PhD student at the Courtauld Institute of Art, where she is working at the reconstruction of the lost Romanesque Cathedral of Tortosa (Catalonia) under the supervision of Dr. Tom Nickson. She completed her BA and MA in History of Art at the Università di Roma La Sapienza, followed by an MA in Medieval Studies at the Centre for Medieval Studies of the University of York. She was the recipient of the Santander International Connections Award 2012, as well as of the Confindustria Master and Back grant. In 2011-2012, she took part in the Digitalizing Medieval Sculpture Project at the University of York.
Her main interests are Southern Italian and Spanish Medieval Art and the connections between the two.
Matilde also works as a freelance archaeological illustrator: see HERE for more details.

Museo della media valle del Liri, Sora: guida alla sezione archeologica di età romana (Isola del Liri 2009) [archaeological illustrations].
'La città di Sora durante la prima età angioina: trasformazioni politiche e religiose da Federico II a Carlo II' in Annali di Storia regionale V/IV (2010-2011), pp. 31-68.
'La Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta nel Medioevo' in La cattedrale di Sora: un monumento attraverso i secoli, ed. by A. Tanzilli (supported by the Banca del Cassinate and the Cathedral Chapter of Santa Maria of Sora, forthcoming 2013).

Technical Coordinator and Adviser: Tom Bilson, Head of Digital Media at The Courtauld Institute of Art

Project Advisory Board:
Élisabeth Antoine-König, Musée du Louvre
Peter Barnet, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Damien Berné, Musée national du Moyen Age - Musée de Cluny
Glyn Davies, Victoria and Albert Museum
Lloyd de Beer, The British Museum
Xavier Dectot, Louvre-Lens
Sam Fogg, Sam Fogg Ltd
David Franklin, Thomson Works of Art Ltd
Danielle Gaborit-Chopin, Musée du Louvre
Alexandra Gerstein, The Courtauld Gallery
Sarah Guérin, Université de Montréal
Annick Lapôtre, Thomson Works of Art Ltd
Charles Little, Metropolitan Museum of Art
James Robinson, National Museum of Scotland
Sir Paul Ruddock, benefactor
Naomi Colleen Speakman, The British Museum
Neil Stratford, Correspondant étranger de l'Institut
Alexandra Suda, Art Gallery of Ontario
Élisabeth Taburet-Delahaye, Musée national du Moyen Age - Musée de Cluny
Marjorie Trusted, Victoria and Albert Museum
Jeremy Warren, The Wallace Collection
Paul Williamson, Victoria and Albert Museum

Project Team 2014-2015:
Dustin Aaron, volunteer Courtauld student
Sofia Gurevich, volunteer Courtauld student
Pietro Pantalani, volunteer Courtauld student
Jane Yarkova, volunteer Courtauld student

Project Team 2013-2014:
Angela Fann, volunteer Courtauld student (summer 2014)
Alexandra Kosch, volunteer Courtauld student
Christina MacKinnon, volunteer Courtauld student (summer 2014)
Bella Radenovich, volunteer Courtauld student
Raphaela Rohrhofer, volunteer Courtauld student (February-April 2014)
Michaela Zöschg, volunteer Courtauld student

Project Team 2012-2013:
Costanza Beltrami, volunteer Courtauld student
Michael Carter, volunteer Courtauld student
Lydia Ohl, volunteer Courtauld student
Michaela Zöschg, volunteer Courtauld student

Project Team 2011-2012:
Naomi Colleen Speakman, part-time John Rassweiler Project Curator at the British Museum
Katarzyna Falecka, volunteer Courtauld student, December 2011-July 2012
Francesca Demarchi, volunteer Courtauld student, January-June 2012
Tiril Krabbesund, Sotheby's-Courtauld intern on the Gothic Ivories Project, March-April 2012
Pauline Dubus, cataloguing intern, Paris Sorbonne Université (Paris IV), July-August 2012

Project Team 2010-2011:
Naomi Colleen Speakman, part-time John Rassweiler Project Curator at the British Museum
Blair Spotswood Dowd, EUSA Intern, part-time Project Assistant, October-December 2010
Julia Crispin, Courtauld - Münster University student volunteer, April-June 2011
Elizabeth Swarbrick, part-time Project Assistant, July-October 2011

Project Team 2009-2010:
Naomi Colleen Speakman, part-time John Rassweiler Project Curator at the British Museum
Ehaab Bakeer, volunteer Courtauld student
Richard Lowkes, part-time Project Assistant, July-October 2010

For any information, please contact: gothicivories@courtauld.ac.uk

Last updated: 22 June 2015.

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