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Wing, left (fragment of a diptych), 1 register, 3 arches across (frise d'arcatures; colonnettes) (Front)

Wing, left (fragment of a diptych), 1 register, 3 arches across (frise d'arcatures; colonnettes) (Front)
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Repository Institution

Palermo, Galleria Interdisciplinare Regionale della Sicilia di Palazzo Abatellis

Inv. 11430

Ivory;wood (case)

Height: 150mm
Width: 92 mm

Standing Virgin and Child (Vierge glorieuse); two standing angels holding candlesticks; two angels crowning the Virgin; Virgin trampling a monster; Virgin holding a bird in her right hand; Christ holding a fruit in his left hand.
Pointed trefoils; medallions enclosing trefoils with protruding cones in the spandrels; beaded border.

Koechlin Number: 0829

Salinas 1901: 15th century.
Koechlin 1924: French, 2nd half of the 14h century.
Vitella 2001: French or German (Rhenish), 2nd half of the 14th century.

Atelier of the Kremsmünster Diptych (Koechlin)

Traces of two missing hinges on the right side.

Not visible due to the wooden backing.

Object Condition
Two holes at the top (trefoils) for later nails.

Collection of the Regio Museo Nazionale of Palermo and displayed in the Gabinetto di Numismatica e Oreficeria (inv. 257).

A. Salinas, Breve Guida del Museo Nazionale di Palermo (Palermo, 1901), p. 67.
R. Koechlin, Les Ivoires gothiques français (Paris, 1924), I, p. 219,300-301, II, no. 829.
Wunderkammer siciliana: alle origini del museo perduto, ed. by V. Abbate, exhibition catalogue, Palermo, Galleria Regionale della Sicilia, 3 November 2001-5 May 2002 (Naples, 2001), no. II.51, pp. 230-231 (M. Vitella).


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