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Painted crozier (crosse); known as the Crozier of Bishop Malavolti (Side)

Painted crozier (crosse); known as the Crozier of Bishop Malavolti (Side)
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Religious. Apostles.

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Siena, Museo dell'Opera della Metropolitana

Inv. OA/3063


Height: 1877 mm
Width: 312 mm

Baptism of Christ with saint John the Baptist and an angel; dragon head.
Painted knop with four saints in busts: saint Victor, saint Ansanus, saint Crescentius, saint Savinus. Bishop with mitre, book and crozier.
Foliated decoration. Monster swallowing the base of the volute.
Painted inscription: 'EGO A TE DEBEO BAPTIZARI ET TU VENI'.

Gaborit-Chopin 1978: Italy, 2nd quarter of the 14th century.
Carli 1979: Carli 1979: Siena, 2nd half of the 14th century (?).
Carli 1989: Siena, c. 1350.
Torriti 2000: mid-14th century.


Polychromy - Gilding
Extensive gilding and polychromy: blue, red and gold (foliated decoration), blue (arches around the knop), red (dragons' mouths, tongue and ears; sun, inscription, flourishing, robe of some apostles), green (water), gold, black and red (inscription), gold (bishop figure, hair, apostle's cloaks).
Painted inscription: 'EGO TE DEBEO BAPTIZARI ET TU VENI'.

Carved on both sides.

Object Condition
Missing: upper part of the figure of saint John the Baptist (including his head and right arm).

Said to have belonged to Donosdeo Malavolti, bishop of Siena (1316-1350).

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