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Diptych, 4 registers, bands of rosettes (décor de roses) (Wing, left)

Diptych, 4 registers, bands of rosettes (décor de roses) (Wing, left)
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Wing, right


Religious. Passion.

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London, The Wernher Collection, Ranger's House (English Heritage)

88259046 (EE115LH)

Ivory;metal (hinges)

Height: 240mm
Width: 180mm (open)
Depth: 9-11mm

Wing, left
Register 1: temptation of Judas; Judas receives the reward; Pilate washing his hands.
Register 2: Flagellation; Carrying of the Cross.
Register 3: Deposition; unidentified scene with crowned male figure (Herod (?).
Register 4: three Holy Women at the Tomb, with angel seated on the tomb and two soldiers asleep.
Wing, right
Register 1: Betrayal (Taking of Christ).
Register 2: Crucifixion; Death of Judas.
Register 3: Entombment (Anointing of Christ's body).
Register 4: Noli me Tangere (Christ appearing to saint Mary Magdalene); Harrowing of Hell with Adam and Eve coming out of the Mouth of Hell.

Koechlin Number: 0265ter

Koechlin 1924: French, 1st half of the 14th century (?) (has for a long time doubted the authenticity of this piece).
Egbert 1929: North Italy, c. 1325.
Museum's opinion 2009: French, c. 1340-1350 or 19th century.


Three hinges.

Polychromy - Gilding
Extensive traces of polychromy and gilding: red, green (trees; lining of garments), black (shoes; cross), gold (armours, hair, beard, medallions on the tomb, along the hems).

Flat and smooth, with circles traced with a compass. Little vertical incisions along the inner edges at the back.

Antocolsky collection, Paris: his sale, Drouot, Paris, 10-12 June 1901, lot 69; Collection of Sir Julius Wernher (d. 1912), Bath House, London; on loan to English Heritage and displayed at Ranger's House since 2002.

R. Koechlin, Les Ivoires gothiques français (Paris, 1924), I, p. 157; II, no. 265ter.


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