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Panel (fragment of a casket: back panel), 1 register (coffret) (Front)

Panel (fragment of a casket: back panel), 1 register (coffret) (Front)
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Secular. Hunting scene. Courtly love.

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Hannover, Museum August Kestner

Inv. 420b


Height: 70mm
Width: 221.5mm

Hawking party; hunter blowing a horn; hunter with a bow; running dogs; courting couple (meeting of lovers); lady (queen) and youth hawking on horseback; lady with a hawk on her wrist; lady on horseback with a hawk on her wrist; lady wearing a hat with a pointed brim; youth on horseback with a hawk on his wrist.

Koechlin Number: 1289

Koechlin 1924: France, mid 14th century.
Ross 1948: France, 14th century.
Stuttmann 1966: France, 1st half of the 14th century.
Martini and Rizzardi 1990: Northern France (?), 2nd quarter of the 14th century.
Museum's opinion 2013: France, 1st half of the 14th century.


Polychromy - Gilding
Traces of polychromy (green).

Flat and smooth. Recessed along three edges (except the upper edge) to accommodate the other sides of the casket.

Object Condition
Holes for the missing fittings, showing traces of rust.

This piece is part of the same casket as Inv. 420a, also in Hannover.

Collection of Friedrich Georg Hermann Culemann (b. 1811, d. 1886), Hannover (no. 462); acquired by the city of Hannover in 1887.

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© Museum August Kestner, Germany. Photographer: Christian Tepper.

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