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Saddle (selle); so-called 'Tratzberg Saddle' (Top)

Saddle (selle); so-called 'Tratzberg Saddle' (Top)
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Right side

Left side

Left side



Right side

Left side

Secular. Courtly love.

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New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Staghorn;wood;birch bark;leather

Height: 444mm
Width: 476mm
Depth: 457mm

Left side
Youth holding a scroll; lady with a hawk on her wrist; foliated decoration; scrolls.
Right side
Standing lady holding a scroll; standing youth; bearded face; foliated decoration; scrolls.
Engraved German inscription in Gothic script: 'wol mich nu wart/in dem ars is vinster/frei dich mit gantzem willen' (right side); 'wol mich wart/ich hof der liben somerzeit/lach lib lach' (left side). Translation: 'I hope for dear summertime; wait- be willing [in favor of] me; smile, love, smile.'

Grancsay 1937: German, c. 1400.
New York 1975: Southern Germany or Austria (Tirol), c. 1400.
Museum's opinion 2012: Germany or Tirol, c. 1400- 1450.


Polychromy - Gilding
Traces of polychromy: green (foliage), black (inscriptions), red, blue (bearded face; foliage).

Engraved on all sides.

Collection of Count Frank III Enzenberg (b. 1802, d. 1879), Tratzberg castle (Tirol)(acquired c. 1852); Egger, art dealer, Vienna. Acquired in 1904 by the Museum thanks to the Rogers Fund.

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