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Statuette; known as 'La Aparecida' (Detail)

Statuette; known as 'La Aparecida' (Detail)
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Burgos, Palacios de Benaver, Monasterio de San Salvador


Ivory;metal (later crowns)

Height: 380 mm or 220mm?

Seated Virgin and Child; Christ standing on the Virgin's left knee; Christ in long robe.

Burgos 1921: French (Rheims area), 14th century.
Sentenach 1929: 14th century.
Estella 1983: Spain (Burgos?), 1st third of the 14th century.


Carved in the round.

Object Condition
Vertical cracks.
Missing: part of the stem of flowers (?) in the Virgin's right hand.

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