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Gabled triptych, 2 registers (frise d'arcatures; colonnettes) (Back)

Gabled triptych, 2 registers (frise d'arcatures; colonnettes) (Back)
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Religious. Life of the Virgin.

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Antwerp, Museum Mayer van den Bergh


Ivory;metal (hinges and clasp)

Height: 132mm
Width: 59-62mm (centre); 29-31mm (wings)

Wing, left
Register 1: unidentified standing female saint; standing angel swinging a censer (part of the Coronation).
Register 2: Adoring Magi (part of the Adoration of the Magi).
Centre panel
Register 1: Coronation; two standing angels holding candlesticks; angel crowning the Virgin; throne decorated with a pierced quatrefoil.
Register 2: Standing Virgin and Child (Vierge glorieuse); two standing angels holding candlesticks.
Wing, right
Register 1: unidentified standing female saint; standing angel swinging a censer (part of the Coronation).
Register 2: Presentation in the Temple with the Virgin holding Christ.
Rounded trefoils. Tracery. Rose windows.

Koechlin Number: 0054

Koechlin 1924: France, end of the 13th century.
De Coo 1933: France, early 14th century.
De Coo 1969: Soissons atelier, c. 1290.
Museum's opinion 2012: France (Paris), c. 1290.

Soissons group (Atelier du Diptyque de Soissons)

Two hinges on either side.

Polychromy - Gilding
Traces of polychromy.

Flat and smooth.

Object Condition
Ten filled-in holes.

Collection of Louis Fidel Debruge-Duménil (b. 1788; d. 1838): sale, Paris 28-31 January 1840, lot 44. Collection of Carlo Micheli (d. 1895?), Paris: sold with the rest of his collection in 1898 by his daughter, Marie Micheli, to Fritz Mayer van den Bergh (b. 1858, d. 1901), Antwerp; upon his death, his mother Henriëtte had a purpose-built museum erected (1901-1904) to house his collection.

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Museum Mayer van den Bergh, Antwerp © Bart Huysmans and Michel Wuyts.

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