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Base for a statuette (Side)

Base for a statuette (Side)
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Secular. Vicissitudes of married life.

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New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art



Height: 92mm
Width: 121mm
Depth: 116mm

Courting couple (Meeting of lovers); youth holding a ring and lady holding a pomegranate, on either side of a fountain behind which stands a jester; collared and chained monkey eating a pomegranate from a basket; dog. Man brandishing a sword as the lady turns away; jester holding a bauble; wild unchained animal behind the man; dog.
Woven fence and gate; trees; lattice background.

Koechlin Number: 1246

Molinier 1890: France, beginning of the 16th century.
Koechlin 1924: France, early 16th century.
Young 1956: France (North) or Flanders, early 16th century.
New York 1970: France (North) or Flanders, early 16th century.
Ann Arbor 1975: Northern French or Flemish, early 16th century.
Theuerkauff 1986: France (?), 16th or 19th century (?).
Museum's opinion 2012: France (North) or Netherlands (South), early 16th century.


Carved in the round.

Object Condition
Cracked through central pillar.
Missing: head to the left of the fountain (replaced).

Collection of Frédéric Spitzer, Paris: his sale, Paris, 1893, lot 169. Collection of Maurice Kann, Paris (in 1911): his sale, Galerie George Petit, Paris, 1910, lot 227. Collection of Édouard Larcade, Paris. L. P. Bresset et fils, Paris: purchased for The Cloisters Collection in 1955.

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