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Diptych, 1 register, 3 arches across (plaquettes; frise d'arcatures) (Front)

Diptych, 1 register, 3 arches across (plaquettes; frise d'arcatures) (Front)
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Religious. Saints.

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Sens, Trésor de la Cathédrale (Cathedral Treasury)

Inv. TC C1 7

Ivory;copper (later frame)

Height: 65mm
Width: 43mm (each)

Wing, left
Saint Catherine of Alexandria holding a wheel and martyr's palm; standing Virgin and Child; Christ seated on left arm; saint Agnes with a book, a martyr's palm and a lamb.
Wing, right
Crucifixion with the Virgin and saint John the Evangelist.

Koechlin Number: 0578

Koechlin 1924: France, 2nd half of the 14th century.


Traces of two missing hinges.

Flat and smooth.
Traces of glued paper. Inscription on the back of the left wing: 'DAB.Berna[...]'.

Object Condition
Missing: upper left corner of the left wing.
Numerous cracks and several holes. Both wings are broken into several pieces, which certainly explains why they have been inserted into a metal mount, to keep them together. Vertical crack across the left wing, 3 holes in the right wing.

Chauveau collection: his gift to the cathedral, c. 1860.

G. Julliot, Trésor de la cathédrale de Sens: inventaire dressé en 1885 (Sens, 1885), no. 58, p. 9.
E. Chartraire, Inventaire du trésor de l'église de primatiale et métropolitaine de Sens (Paris, 1897), no. 146, p. 62.
R. Koechlin, Les Ivoires gothiques français (Paris, 1924), I, pp. 217, 220; II, no. 578.


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