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Upper register of right wing (fragment of a diptych), 1 register, 1 arch across, bands of rosettes (décor de roses) (Front)

Upper register of right wing (fragment of a diptych), 1 register, 1 arch across, bands of rosettes (décor de roses) (Front)
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London, The Courtauld Gallery



Height: 92mm
Width: 63mm
Depth: 12mm
Weight: 99 g

Entombment (Anointing of Christ's body).

London 1967: French, 2nd quarter of the 14th century.
Lowden 2013: French (Paris), c. 1300-1350.

Rose group

One missing hinge on the left side (repaired with ivory).

The left edge on the back has been chamfered.

Object Condition
Hole in the upper border. Hole in the top, perpendicular to the other hole.
Missing: lower register(s).

Inscription: 'bas' or 'bar' is written on the right edge. Top right-hand portion of a diptych. Parts of the frieze of roses can be seen along the lower edge.

Thomas Gambier Parry, Highnam Court (Gloucestershire)(d. 1888): bought between 1860 and 1868; Sir Hubert Parry (d. 1918), his eldest son (from 1888); Ernest Gambier-Parry (d. 1936), half-brother of Hubert (from 1918); Mark Gambier-Parry (d. 1966), youngest son of Ernest (from 1936); bequeathed to the Courtauld Institute Galleries in 1966.

National Exhibition of Works of Art at Leeds, exhibition catalogue, Leeds, 1868, no. 688.
The Gambier-Parry Collection. Provisional Catalogue (London, 1967), no. 9.
General Catalogue of the Courtauld Institute Galleries (London, 1979), no. 11.
J. Lowden, Medieval and Later Ivories in the Courtauld Gallery (London, 2013), no. 11, pp. 78-79.


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