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Gabled panel (part of a polyptych), 1 register, 1 arch across (Front)

Gabled panel (part of a polyptych), 1 register, 1 arch across (Front)
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Paris, Musée du Louvre

OA 2761


Height: 111mm
Width: 50mm
Depth: 8mm

Annunciation; vase of lilies; dove of the Holy Spirit.
Rose in the gable.

Koechlin Number: 0443

Koechlin 1924: France, 2nd third of the 14th century.
Gaborit-Chopin 2003 and Museum's opinion 2010: Paris, c. 1300.
Williamson and Davies 2014: Paris, c. 1300.

Atelier of the Diptych of the Judging Christ (Atelier du Diptyque du Christ Juge) (Gaborit-Chopin)

Traces of two hinges on the right side.

Object Condition
Ivory cracked.

This panel seems to be part of the same group as one at the Victoria and Albert Museum (242-1867), one in Brussels (Inv. 846) and one at the Montpellier Musée archéologique (SAM 857.17.1). See related objects. Davies argues for them coming from two different polyptychs (see Williamson and Davies 2014).

Jean-Charles Davillier collection (no. 50); bequest of J.-Ch. Davillier, 1883.

Exposition universelle, exhibition catalogue, Paris, 1867, no. 1771.
L. Courajod and E. Molinier, Donation du baron Charles Davillier. Catalogue des objets exposés au musée du Louvre (Paris, 1885), no. 50.
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L'art au temps des rois maudits: Philippe le Bel et ses fils (1285-1328), exhibition catalogue, Paris, Grand Palais, 1998, no. 91.
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P. Williamson and G. Davies, Medieval Ivory Carvings 1200-1550 (London, 2014), in relation to no. 73 and 76, fig. 1 on p. 242.


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