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Statuette (Front)

Statuette (Front)
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Assisi, Museo del Tesoro della Basilica di San Francesco

Inv. 70


Height: 200mm (without base); 250mm (with base)
Width: 152mm
Depth: 60mm

Seated Virgin and Child; Christ standing on the Virgin's right knee; Christ in long robe and cloak; bench.

Koechlin Number: 0634

Koechlin 1924: France, beginning of the 2nd third of 14th century.
Gaborit-Chopin 1978 and Paris 1981: Paris, c. 1320-1330.
Museum's opinion 2011: France, early 14th century.


Polychromy - Gilding
Extensive traces of polychromy and gilding: flesh tones, blue, red and gold patterns along the hems, blue and red lining the cloaks. Ivory base with painted decoration in the same colours: pointed quatrefoils, ogee arches, tracery. Cracks disguised with foliated tendrils.

Carved in the round.

Object Condition
Missing: upper part of Virgin's head; flower held by the Virgin.
Head of Christ broke off and was put back into place.

First mentioned in the inventory of the Sacristy in 1370 (Assisi, Biblioteca del Sacro Convento, Fondo antico, Manoscritto 337, f. 20v); still in the Treasury of the Basilica, Assisi.

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