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Hamburg, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

Inv. 1893.199


Height: 116 mm
Width: 83 mm
Depth: 50 mm

Seated Virgin and Child (Sedes sapientiae); Christ seated on the Virgin's left knee; Christ in long robe; Christ making a blessing gesture with his right hand; Christ holding a stem of flowers; Christ seated frontally; Virgin trampling a lion under her left foot; Virgin trampling a monster under her right foot (winged dragon; basilisk); brooch; crown; cushion decorated with a diapered pattern.
Throne decorated with palmettes and arches.

Koechlin Number: 0005

Molinier 1890: France, 13th century.
Koechlin 1924: France, 1st quarter of the 13th century.
Hamman 1927 and Sauerländer 1971: Mosan or Rhenish.
New York 1970: Northern France, c. 1210.
Gaborit-Chopin 1978: Mosan or Rhenish, c. 1220.
London 1987: English or Norwegian (?), c. 1220-1240.
Detroit 1997: English or North German under English influence, c. 1210-1230.
Museum's opinion 2012: c. 1220-1230, Saxony or Rhenish-Mosan region.


Polychromy - Gilding
Extensive traces of polychromy and gilding.

Carved in the round.
Cavity in the back of the throne.

Object Condition
Missing: right hand of the Virgin (later replacement).
One hole pierced on either side of the cavity at the back of the throne.

Collection of Frédéric Spitzer, Paris: his sale, Chevallier and Mannheim, Paris, 17 April 1893, lot 72; given by Frau M. Gaiser in 1893 to the Museum.

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