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Casket (coffret)

Casket (coffret)
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Body, back

Body, front

Secular. Romance. Courtly love.

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Paris, Musée de Cluny-Musée national du Moyen Âge

Cl. 23840

Ivory;gilt copper (fittings)

Height: 97mm
Width: 257mm
Depth: 167mm

Scene 1: Elopement (variation on Attack on the Castle of Love); winged God of Love crowning kneeling lovers with chaplets; lady throwing flowers from the battlements; knight climbing a tree; knight chucking his lover under the chin; lovers on a horse; bridge; couple and youth in a boat.
Scene 2: Tournament; couples; ladies with dogs and youths observing the jousting knights in armour from a balcony; youth with a hawk on his wrist; embracing couples; two heralds in trees blowing trumpets; horses.
Scene 3: Attack on the Castle of Love; lady making a wreath by a flowery bush; couple embracing; catapult throwing flowers; knights in armour assaulting the castle; ladies throwing flowers from the battlements; knight climbing a ladder.
Body, front
Aristotle teaching Alexander. Aristotle ridden by Phyllis, observed by Alexander. Two young men argue over the inheritance of a recently deceased man; seated king; throne decorated with lions. The king (sometimes identified as king Solomon) orders them to shoot arrows to the shrouded corpse and only the 'false' son complies.
End, right
A knight in armour and on horseback delivers a lady from a wild man. Galahad receiving the keys to the Castle of the Maidens; horse; armour.
Body, back
Gawain in armour fighting the lion. Lancelot crossing the sword bridge, with swords and spears falling from the sky. Gawain on the perilous bed; bed on wheels and with bells; lion; shield with a lion's paw; spears falling from the sky. The three maidens at the Castle of the Maidens.
End, left
Tristan and Iseult conversing; dog on Iseult's lap; king Mark in the tree; fountain reflecting king Mark's face. The barons come to Mark to accuse Iseult of adultery.

Taburet-Delahaye and Dectot 2008: Paris, early 14th century.
Paris 2009: Paris, c. 1300-1310.
Museum's opinion 2010: Paris, 1st quarter of 14th century.


Polychromy - Gilding
No trace of polychromy or gilding, even under magnifying glass.

Carved on all sides.

On the iconography of the front of the casket, see: W. Stechow, 'Shooting at Father’s Corpse: a Note on the Hazards of Iconography', in Art Bulletin 37 (1955), pp. 55-56.

François Baverey collection, Lyon. Purchased by the Museum in 2007.

E. Taburet-Delahaye and X. Dectot, 'Un Exceptionnel coffret d'ivoire gothique', in La Revue des Musées de France-Revue du Louvre 3 (2008), pp. 6-8.
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P. Williamson and G. Davies, Medieval Ivory Carvings 1200-1550 (London, 2014), in relation to no. 227.


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