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Gabled triptych, with ogee arches (Front)

Gabled triptych, with ogee arches (Front)
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Religious. Lives of saints.

Unknown location


Ivory (?);metal (hinges)

Height: 435mm
Width: 290mm

Life of saint Agnes; Martyrdom of saint Agnes
Wing, left
Register 1: angel; kneeling male figure.
Register 2: Agnes tied to the stake remains unharmed; fire; seated emperor.
Register 3: Saint Agnes before the prefect Semprenius (?); king; youth with a hawk on his wrist; lamb.
Centre panel
Register 1: Kneeling female figure. The vision of saint Agnes (?); king and queen; church (?). Kneeling king.
Register 2: unidentified scene; saint Agnes; lamb. Unidentified martyrdom scene; beheading; executioner; seated emperor.
Register 3: unidentified scene, possibly confused with Olibrius, prefect of Antioch, meets saint Margaret spinning beside her flock of sheep. Saint Agnes or saint Margaret sentenced to death (?); idols; seated emperor; king; lamb.
Wing, right
Register 1: kneeling figure; unidentified female saint.
Register 2: Saint Agnes is stabbed in the throat; soul of the martyred saint carried to heaven by two angels; lamb.
Register 3: unidentified martyrdom scene; flagellation scene; female saint, bare-chested, tied to a column; executioners; seated king.
Saint Clare (?) holding an ointment pot. Saint Agnes raising the dead suitor. Saint Agnes with a lamb holding a book and a martyr's palm.

Koechlin Number: XXX

Molinier 1890: French, 2nd half of the 14th century.


Four sets of two hinges.

Collection of Frédéric Spitzer, Paris (no. 66): his sale, Chevallier and Mannheim, Paris, 17 April 1893, lot 111. Collection of Sir Julius Wernher, Bath House, London (148-36), not in the Wernher collection at Ranger's House.

La Collection Spitzer (Paris, 1890), I, no. 76 (E. Molinier).


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