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Casket (coffret) (Lid)

Casket (coffret) (Lid)
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End, left


End, right




Secular. Courtly love. Hunting scene.

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Brussels, Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire - Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst und Geschiedenis (Musée du Cinquantenaire)

Inv. 1453

Ivory;silver inlaid with traces of blue enamel (fittings);velvet (inner lining)

Height: 45mm
Width: 144mm
Depth: 75mm

Body, front
Courting couple (meeting of lovers); lady holding a chaplet. Couple kneeling, holding the lock. Courting couple.
End, right
Courting couple; offering of a chaplet (gift of a chaplet); trees.
Body, back
Courting couples; couple embracing. Hawking party; lady and youth hawking on horseback; lady with a hawk on her wrist. Youth chucking his lover under the chin.
End, left
Couple playing chess; lady holding a chess piece in her left hand; tree.
Courting couples; offering of a chaplet (gift of a chaplet). Couple embracing. Lady crowning her kneeling lover with a chaplet; lady wearing a conical hennin (?). Seated couple; youth with a hawk on his wrist; lady holding a chaplet.

Koechlin Number: .

Museum's opinion 2011: France, c. 1360-1380.


Carved on all sides.

The lock and fittings are decorated with birds, hybrids, dragons, animals and geometrical patterns. This casket shows the same features as a casket in the Walters Art Gallery, inv.nr. 71.197, which has identical iron straps but displays religious scenes. The style of carving is identical which may indicate that both objects originate from the workshop.


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