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Polyptych (tabernacle) (Front)

Polyptych (tabernacle) (Front)
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Religious. Life of the Virgin.

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Milan, Castello Sforzesco, Civiche Raccolte d'Arte Applicata

Avori 114

Ivory;metal (hinges;crown (later));wood (intarsia)

Height: 710mm
Width: 425mm
Depth: 124mm

Wings, left
Register 1: Musician angel; angel playing the harp. Joachim and Anna bring lambs to be sacrificed, but the High Priest rejects their offerings because they are childless. Birth of the Virgin; midwife bathing the Virgin; bed.
Register 2: angel playing the harp. Joachim and Anna distributing alms. Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple.
Register 3: angel playing the psaltery. Joachim in the wilderness with his shepherds. Virgin in the Temple.
Register 4: angel playing the bagpipes. Annunciation of the birth of the Virgin to Joachim by an angel. Virgin weaving.
Register 5: angel playing the triangle. Annunciation of the birth of the Virgin to Anna by an angel. Virgin fed by an angel.
Register 6: angel playing a string instrument. Meeting at the Golden Gate (Meeting of Joachim and Anna). Betrothal of Joseph and the Virgin. Centre panels Standing Virgin and Child; Christ on left arm; Christ in long robe; Christ holding a bird. Crosshatched background with fleur-de-lys pattern.
Wings, right
Register 1: The Virgin enters her house with Anna. Adoration of the Magi. Angel playing a portable organ.
Register 2: Joseph enters his house, holding the flowering stem (?). Presentation in the Temple; maid holding a basket of doves brought as offerings. Angel playing the rebec.
Register 3: Annunciation; vase of lilies; dove of the Holy Spirit. Herod ordering the Massacre of the Innocents. Angel playing a string instrument (lute).
Register 4: Visitation. Massacre of the Innocents. Angel playing the cymbals.
Register 5: Nativity. Flight into Egypt. Angel playing the bagpipes.
Register 6: Annunciation to the Shepherds. Miracle of the Cornfield; peasant; soldiers in armour. Angel playing the double pipes.
Crosshatched background. Tracery. Canopy with intarsia (modern).

Koechlin Number: 0949

Koechlin 1924: France, late 15th century. The fleur-de-lys background could be modern.
Egbert 1929: North Italy, late 15th century.
Vitali 1976: France, late 15th century.
Zastrow 1978: French, 1st half of the 15th century.
Museum's opinion 2009: Northern Italy, 1st half of the 15th century (?).


Three sets of two hinges on either side.

Polychromy - Gilding
Traces of polychromy.

Intarsia forming a diamond pattern in ivory tinted green, non-tinted ivory and wood.

The intarsia canopy is modern.

Brizzolara collection; acquired by the Museum in 1875.

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© Civiche Raccolte d'Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco, Milano.
Photographs Saporetti Immagini d'arte, Milano.

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