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Box (boîte) (Front)

Box (boîte) (Front)
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Bottom, back


Secular. Hunting scene. Courtly love.

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Paris, Musée du Louvre; on loan to the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Chambéry

OA 126

Bone;ebony;wood core

Height: 60mm
Width: 188mm
Depth: 160mm

Register 1: male dancers; female dancer.
Register 2: male dancer; musician with drum and whistle; dancing jester holding a bauble.
Front: Hunter with a sword. Hunter with a bow.
End, right
Hunting scene; dogs pursuing a stag; hunter blowing a horn; trees.
End, left
Lady playing a harp; man playing a flute; trees; flowers (daisies). Offering of the heart; offering of a flower.
Body, back: Gathering of pears (?); man holding a club to beat the tree and make the fruits fall; female figure collecting the fruits in her skirt.
Foliated border.
Bottom: chequered pattern (chessboard).

Koechlin Number: 1320

Koechlin 1924: France, late 15th century.
Gaborit-Chopin 2003 and Museum's opinion 2010: Flanders or Netherlands (?), 2nd third of the 15th century.


Polychromy - Gilding
Traces of gilding and polychromy (very dark green).

Carved on all sides.

Object Condition
5 small rings for hanging. Modern lock (on an original mount).
Some restoration to the borders, especially on the upper-right of the lid.
Chip near the right hinge.
Inside of the casket painted red. Inscription in pencil (modern): 'danse mauresque / 1460'. On bottom, labelled: 'A 84'. On the lock, in ink: '132'.

Collection of Alexandre-Charles Sauvageot, Paris (no. 263); gift of A.-C. Sauvageot, 1856; on loan to the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Chambéry (arrêtés of Oct. 1958 and 11 July 1983).

A. Sauzay, Musée impérial du Louvre. Catalogue du musée Sauvageot (Paris, 1861), no. 263.
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