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Wing, left (fragment of a diptych), 2 registers, 3 arches across (frise d'arcatures) (Front)

Wing, left (fragment of a diptych), 2 registers, 3 arches across (frise d'arcatures) (Front)
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Religious. Infancy of Christ. Life of Christ.

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Prague, Museum of Decorative Arts

Inv. 1288


Height: 180mm
Width: 100 mm
Weight: 276.1g

Register 1: Crucifixion; swooning Virgin supported by Holy Women; saint John the Evangelist and onlooker holding a scroll; angels holding the sun and the moon; soldier in armour.
Register 2: Nativity and Annunciation to the Shepherds; musician shepherd holding a shawm; musician shepherd holding bagpipes.
Incised trefoils.

Uresová 1986: Paris, 2nd half of the 14th century.
Stehlíková 1995: Paris, 2nd half of the 14th century.
Stehlíková 2006: Paris, 1350-1375.
Museum's opinion 2013: France, 2nd or 3rd quarter of the 14th century.


Traces of three missing hinges on the right side.

Smooth; longer edges chamfered.

Object Condition
Central hole in the upper part of the panel. Small holes all along the edges.

Collection of Eugen Felix, Cologne: sale, Cologne, 25 October 1886, lot 317; bought by the Museum at this sale.

L. Uresová, 'Řezba v kosti a perleti', in Středověké umělecké řemeslo ze sbírek Uměleckoprůmyslového muzea v Praze (Prague, 1986), p. 16, no. 109.
D. Stehlíková, Kabinety umění a kuriozit (Prague, 1995), p. 54, no. 209.
P. Černý, Du bon du coeur, Poklady francouzského středovĕkého umĕni v českých a moravských sbírkách, exhibition catalogue, Olomouc, Muzeum umĕni in Olomouc, Galerie, 1 June-30 July 2006, pp. 171-173, no. 47 (D. Stehlíková)


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