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Statuette (Front)

Statuette (Front)
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León, Museo de León

Inv. 26


Height: 160mm
Width: c. 105mm
Depth: c. 60mm

Seated Virgin and Child; Christ in long robe; Christ standing in the Virgin's lap; Christ seated frontally; Christ holding a fruit or orb in his left hand; blessing gesture; crown.

Koechlin Number: 0066

Gómez Moreno 1906-1908: France, end of the 13th century.
Estella Marcos 1984: Spain (Castile; León), end of 13th century.
León 2000-2001 and Museum's opinion 2012: Spanish under French influence or French, last quarter of the 13th century.


Carved in the round.

Object Condition
Crown chipped.
Missing: part of the base.

From the house of the Cea family, León (Casa de los Ceas). Acquired by the museum before 1898 (mentioned in the first inventory of the museum dated 1898).

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© Fundació Institut Amatller d’Art Hispànic. Arxiu Mas.
Photography: 1919.

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